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                                           INTO OPPORTUNITY

                                            Diana (Pfeifle) Fisher, CC

                                                                   Every speech I’ve given is like a token
                                                                   of strength filling my spirit with self-

                                                                   confidence. Toastmasters has helped me
                                                                   see that having epilepsy doesn’t make me
                                                                   any less of a person. It offers much more
                                                                   than learning to be an excellent public

                                                                   speaker, listener, evaluator, and leader. It
                                                                   builds self confidence and helps me keep
                                                                   a positive spirit to help others find their
                                                                   voice and confidence, too. I’ve learned

                                                                   the importance of “grabbing the reins” in
                                                                   life because ultimately, my destiny is up
                                                                   to me. Rather than associating adversity
                                                                   with the negativity that acts as a damper

                                                                   on dreams and goals, I now see adversity
                                                                   as an opportunity for growth that delivers
                                                                   strength and resolve through invaluable

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