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                                                                           Free Falling

                                                                           Into Fun

                                                                           John Rodke, DTM - District Director

       The last month has been a whirlwind of  Semi-Final round. Way to go Brinn! We are
       opportunities for growth and celebration.             proud of you!

          Exciting and engaging Club Officer training            The final was a collection of the top ten
       was hosted by our Division and Area Directors.  speakers from 116 Districts around the world.
       Thank you for your devoted efforts to train and           1st place, Ramona Smith - District 58, 2nd
       support our members. I am happy to announce,  place, Zifang Su - District 88, and 3rd place Anita

       we have all of our Directors spots filled for the  Fain Taylor - District 47, presented powerful,
       year! A special set of kudos for Pam Gundrum,  motivating, and captivating stories from the
       our new Division F Director, who has stepped up  stage. For the first time in Toastmasters history,
       to help Division F thrive! If you are interested  the top three winners are all women!

       in the opportunity to get into
       Advanced Leadership in the future,
       please let me and your Division and
       Area Directors know. Toastmasters

       is where you can learn to lead in a
       safe and supportive environment to
       shape your community. My deepest
       gratitude to the leaders who are

       supporting our District this year
       and beyond.
          The International Convention in
       Chicago was a blast! It was awesome

       to watch Brinn Hemmingson,
       our District 7 Champion, deliver
       a wonderful performance against
       a tough cohort of speakers in her

       10     ONE COMMUNITY
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