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though, stabbing pain underneath the right side  leadership development. As I searched for
     of my rib cage started with a vengeance. An  opportunities to develop my self-confidence that
     emergency room visit determined that my IV  had been rattled to the core amidst life-altering

     antibiotics caused severe gallstones that required  medical challenges, I told my supervisor how
     emergency surgery.                                      much I enjoyed public speaking while I was in
         The battle wasn’t over yet, though, as I was  college. He said that our agency had recently
     still without a sizeable section of my skull. Two  chartered a new Toastmasters club and thought

     months after having my gallbladder removed,  I’d enjoy being a part of it. I attended a few
     I had my sixth brain surgery and had plates put  meetings as a guest and quickly felt inspired
     into place where my skull had previously been  to join. Each session made me more convinced
     removed.                                                that joining Toastmasters would help me hone

         Seven months after my sixth brain surgery  critical skills needed for success in my career
     an experimental device known as a Vagus  and in life overall.
     Nerve Stimulator became available. Because I               Although a portion of my brain tumor is
     continued to struggle with severe seizures, I had  inoperable and I still have epilepsy, I refuse to

     surgery to have one implanted. As my medical  let that stop me from pursuing my dreams and
     miracle, the stability this has provided allowed  doing what I love most – public speaking and
     me to finish my bachelor’s degree, earn my  helping others see that they too can achieve
     MBA, live independently for the 10 years before  their dreams. Every day indeed is a special gift.

     meeting my husband, pursue a career, and most  I’ll never let another pass by without treasuring
     recently, summit Mt. Kilimanjaro.                       its fantastic beauty. In fact, I’m convinced that’s
         Shortly after I began my career as a civil  why it’s called the “present.”
     servant, I started seeking opportunities for

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