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‘Tis the Season

      Phyllis A. Harmon, DTM


          This time of the year I find myself humming Pete Seeger’s hit song Turn!

      Turn! Turn! It reminds me that we are indeed in the process of changing from
      the warm days of Summer to the cold, wet, colorful season of Autumn. I’m
      invigorated by the chorus. It reminds me that time is moving forward, and
      so should I.

                                To everything (turn, turn, turn)
                              There is a season (turn, turn, turn)
                          And a time to every purpose, under heaven

          My purpose this Toastmasters year is to complete one path and begin
      another. I am determined to get back on the road to personal growth and
      a fourth DTM. I took a bit of a hiatus and got stalled in completing one
      Pathways level in order to get to the level I’m really interested in working                   EDITORIAL

      on. Too busy, other commitments, shining objects, and ‘got a bone in
      my leg’ (as my southern mother-in-law used to say) were (and are) all
      wonderful reasons to procrastinate. I confess, somewhat sheepishly, that

      I find the new skills I am supposed to learn a bit daunting. Not that I can’t
      absorb new ideas and practice new skills ( I may be an old dog, but I’m still
      a young pup eager to try my hand at something new), but I’m a bit lazy.
          So this time of the year, Pete gives me the proverbial kick
      in the butt and gets my motivation humming again. I do have

      a purpose, and it is the season. See you on stage in 2020 as
      we accept our well-earned Pathways DTMs.

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