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                                                                                Orchestra, Humboldt State
                                                                                University Orchestra, and
                                                                                the Eureka Symphony. She’s

                                                                                even subbed at the Newport
                                                                                Symphony twice and regularly
                                                                                attends the Humboldt Chamber

                                                                                    “I played in all of the those
                                                                                orchestras while holding down
                                                                                a 40-hour-a-week job. I’m not
                                                                                a pro . . . but I love classical

                                                                                music. My whole family played
                                                                                instruments growing up—my
                                                                                brother is still a very good
                                                                                piano player. It’s in our blood.”

      going to reach a majestic crescendo—like a                                (I glance at the piles of classical
      Wagnerian Overture or Beethoven’s 5th—and  music CDs lining her walls and stacked up on
      I sat back to enjoy the performance.                   the floor. I agree with her.)
          The allusion to symphonic music is not a               “In college I played in a folk dance band. We

      stretch since Gabrielle has played the viola since  played Folk Life in Seattle for 2 years. It was
      age 7. She is deeply into classical music (like the  amazing to play for 2,000 dancers and hundreds
      way Phyllis Harmon is into e-magazines). She  more watching. That is a memory I will never
      has passion, power, and persistence.                   forget. Music is so powerful.”

          “I’m not a soloist. I’m an ensemble player,”           Gabrielle didn’t join Toastmasters because
      Gabrielle told me during our recent interview.  she was afraid of performing in front of a crowd.
      “I don’t care for the limelight. I want to be part  Stage fright isn’t in her vocabulary. She joined
      of the whole. I love getting together with a group  Toastmasters because she wanted to be a better

      of serious musicians and jamming out to some  administrator, to run effective board meetings,
      classical music—by playing it.”                        and learn how to be succinct and precise (in a
          Classical music is in the air she breathes, the  short amount of time). It is not surprising to me
      sounds she hears, and at the center of her heart.  that she went into district leadership, training,

      She recently returned from China where she  and volunteering. Gabrielle is an 8-year veteran
      toured with the South Shore Orchestra out of  volunteer at Audacious Orators, the Coffee Creek
      Chicago. She’d heard they needed viola players  Correctional Institution Toastmasters club.
      and signed up to go. They played 7 concerts                “I’m not a soloist. I’m an ensemble player.

      in 8 days by covering 5,700 kilometers—from  People ask me if I’m nervous when I perform. Of
      Shanghai to Ulanhot near Mongolia. She is also  course I am! If you’re not nervous, then you’re
      a member of the Jewish Community Orchestra  not ready for the performance or the audience.
      and has played for Oregon ProArte Community                “The same is true of Toastmasters—nerves

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