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                            Gabrielle Proust, DTM
                            Be Part of the


                            James Wantz, DTM
                            District Public Relations Manager

                                                         Woah, hold up there! Before you say another word,
                               Gabrielle Proust          I need your name and the club you represent!”
                               shares her love of            Some first impressions are the stuff of legend.
                               classical music and       My introduction to Gabrielle Proust was just such
                               Toastmasters with         an impression—from a distance. She didn’t know

                               James Wantz in            me —I didn’t know her —such are first impressions.
                               this biographical         But I’ll never forget when I saw and heard her
                               sketch.                   perform at my first District 7 conference during

                                                         the business meeting.
                                                             She was District Secretary (now Administrative

                                                         Manager), and she played the position like a finely
                                                         tuned viola. She was all business, taking names and
                                                         club affiliations as debate continued—there would
                                                         be no missed notes during her term! The meeting

                                                         was a finely performed symphony of district
                                                         business, voting, and debate. She accompanied the
                                                         District Governor and Parliamentarian; they had
                                                         it handled. I was impressed!

                                                             “You keep doing that mister, and I will bring
                                                         down the lightning!” Ok, she didn’t say that exactly
                                                         —probably was the District Governor—but the
                                                         no-nonsense attitude was clear. This meeting was

                              Gabrielle Proust with Toastmasters magazine in front of the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Xi’an, Shaanxi
                              Province, China
                                                                                     VOICES! | JUNE, 2018      7
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