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help a speech sound real and authentic. Nerves  performances, she knows that for every soloist
      give energy to a performance and a speech.  on stage there is an entire orchestra behind her.
      But that doesn’t mean you don’t practice. I hear  It’s the same in Toastmasters. For every speaker

      speakers say, ‘Oh I don’t want to practice too  in a contest, there is a team of dedicated leaders
      much because I’ll sound fake if I do.’                 that make the contest run smoothly.
          “Phooey!  Practicing won’t make you sound              Soloists may get the bouquets . . . but the
      fake or canned—you’ve got to know your  orchestra is where the bulk of work is done.

      material, whether it’s music or a speech, so  Speech contest winners get the accolades . . .
      well that it is part of you. I say practice and BE  but it takes a District to get them there. If you
      nervous. You’ve got to practice to sound good. are a soloist, thank your orchestra. If you are a
      But just because you practice, does not mean the  speaker, thank your club leadership.

      nerves go away. If the nerves are gone, you’ve lost        Thank you, Gabrielle, for being a role model
      it. The lesson is to teach them to fly in formation,  I could follow into district leadership. I’ll never
      supporting your enthusiasm for the performance  forget my first District 7 conference!
      or presentation.”                                          James Wantz joined Toastmasters in 2012. He

          After Gabrielle was District Secretary, she  has served in multiple District and club roles over
      went on to be an Area Director. She was amazed  the years. He is currently serving as District 7 Public
      at all the leadership material Toastmasters  Relations Manager, Pathways Guide, and Pathways
      offered members. She found her growth in  Academy mentor and coach. Look for his article about

      leadership, training and volunteering. As an  Pathways in the June 2018 Toastmasters magazine.
      ensemble player with lots of experience doing

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