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Year-end Musings

      Phyllis A. Harmon, DTM - Editor/Publisher

      And another Toastmasters year rolls to a close . . .
          Looking back over our proverbial shoulders, we ask ourselves year after year
      if we’ve accomplished all we set out to do. Did we meet our goals—the ones we
      were brave enough to shout to the world, as well as those we quietly promised

      ourselves in the dead of night? If you did, good for you! You are among the 8%
      who actually achieve their goals. I’ll give you a well deserved pat on the head
      and sing your praises the next time we meet.
          I didn’t reach all my goals this year, but I’m okay with that. I set out to finish a
      DTM under Pathways. Didn’t happen. I also told myself that I would start writing
      a book about my years living on the road. That didn’t happen either. Those are
      goals I’m still pursuing, but time moved faster than I did.
          What was accomplished? Most were intangible goals, but very important
      nonetheless. As Division H Director, I gave my team the freedom and opportunities

      to step into leadership—to make their own mistakes and learn from them. I
      supported their visions and kept them focused on the job at hand. They did
      well. What they learned will serve them in the years to come.                                  EDITORIAL
          As a club officer in four of my five clubs, I fulfilled my roles and worked with
      my fellow officers to support the members and their goals. The clubs had a
      comfortable constancy that attracted new members. There were no political
      upheavals which gave the members a solid and safe environment where growth

      was possble. I think we did well.
          As this year rolls to a close, I’m already planning for the next. Goals will be
      set, and I’ll whittle away at them one step at a time. But if at the end of another
      year, I didn’t accomplish everything on my list, I’ll be okay with that too.
          In the long run, when I meet my maker, I expect he will ask me
      if I had a full and meaningful life. I’m pretty sure he won’t
      ask me if I accomplished my planned goals every year.

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