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      What is your process for

      developing a speech idea?
      Oh my. . . I often write down a
      thought and later go back to it
      and the speech pops into my

      brain!  I seldom have to really
      work at writing a speech.

      What has helped you most

      to develop an award-winning speech?
      Taking into account the input of many people I  foods? Tell us about Brinn – what makes

      trust and admire. A word here, a gesture there,  you tick?
      the suggestion to Own the State—crafting the  I like to relax with a cat…or 4 in my case!

      wording is often tricky since one person may  Reading is a favorite pastime.  Food…Icecream…
      LOVE it and another not!  But certainly I think  blueberries and pretzels are some favorites.
      this is a big part listening and incorporating  What makes me tick?  I love words, I love to look
      suggestions.                                           them up and sound them out and place them

      As you practiced your speech for                       in stories.  I also love music.  Maybe the two go
      competition, how did you keep it fresh                 together?
      and not sound over rehearsed?                          I understand that Toastmasters

      I try not to practice it too often. Once it is in my  International provides competitors with
      head and I have it memorized, I find it is easier  a round trip ticket to the convention. Are
      to keep if fresh by imagining the audience.   you seeking sponsors to help defray your

      They are the ones who direct the flow and keep  costs? If people want to contribute to

      it fresh for me.                                       your expenses, how can they reach you?
                                                             Oh YEAH I am seeking sponsors! I am
      On the day of competition, what’s your  unemployed right now so you can imagine! I
      favorite way to prepare for your seven  hope to have a jewelry sale (I make jewelry).
      minutes on stage?                                      People can reach me at my email: brinn_h@

      Well, I breathe deeply a few times, try to relax
      the shoulders and always take a little drink.  Dry         I set up a gofundme page so that my
      mouth is NOT something I want on the stage!   Toastmasters family and friends can follow me as

      And I look at the stage, the lighting and space.       I prepare for the convention. Any contributions
                                                             to help defray the costs of representing the
      What do you do for relaxation? Favorite

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