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                             District 7

                             Speech Champions

                             Phyllis Harmon, DTM

                                                         Brinn Hemmingson won first place in the Internatonal
                               2018 Speech               Speech contest with her speech, The Great Lady, and
                               Champions, Brinn
                               Hemmingson and            will be representing District 7 in the Toastmasters
                               Cari Corbet-Owen,         International Speech Contest in Chicago this August.
                               answer questions
                               posed by Phyllis          What brought you to Toastmasters?
                               Harmon, Editor/           A fortunate eavesdropping event—I overheard it
                               Publisher                 being discussed by the elevators at KinderCare.

                                                         I asked if I could go and the rest is History! That
                                                         was Ad Libs.

                                                         How has Toastmasters helped your career?
                                                         I think in many jobs, I have had opportunities to
                                                         speak and represent the company’s interests.  I have

                                                         also been involved in other groups where this also
                                                         was a big plus!
                                                             How has Toastmasters helped you personally?
                                                         I believe Toastmasters is helping me to find an

                                                         authentic voice.  I feel I can be more direct and
                                                         still maintain my desire to be kind. It is easier to
                                                         make friends, too.

                              L to R: Cari Corbet Owen - Speech Evaluation Champion, & Brinn Hemmingson, International
                              Speech Champion
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