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Observations. . .

      Phyllis A. Harmon, DTM - Editor/Publisher

       Where did this Toastmasters year go?  Wasn’t July last month? (Sometimes I
       feel like Rip Van Winkle—who woke up years later after encountering the headless
       horseman one fateful evening.)
          As I review the year and what’s been accomplished, I’m happy to see that our
       members are stepping into Pathways, a few at a time. Those who follow new idea
       trends will recognize that, we as a District, are on track. The momentum towards full
       adoption is beginning to ramp up as people hear about the benefits the new program
       provides. Cate Arnold and James Wantz have been at the forefront of the movement
       with the AAA award and Pathways Academy. Kudoes to them!
          We seem less focused this year on participating in the Distinguished Club program,
       which is too bad. I believe that members working together towards common goals
       generate a magnetic energy that attracts visitors to our doors. With about 6 weeks
       to go, there is still time to step up our game.
          District leaders are recognizing the value of using TV and radio to market our
       organization. I had another call from someone the other day who wanted to know
       about Toastmasters. When I asked how she learned about  us, she replied “Well, I
       heard your ad on the radio, and . . .”  Kudoes to both Leanna Lindquist, Immediate Past       EDITORIAL
       District Director, and Mitch Priestley, TV Toastmasters club president, for launching
       the District into the world of media.
          I’ve gotten great feedback on the new look of Voices!  I’d planned a total revamp to
       roll out in July, but that’s been set aside for another year. Changes that will continue
       are bigger, brighter graphics. There is an ongoing, open invitation for writers to submit
       material for publication. With our worldwide distribution model, writers from across
       the globe are encouraged to submit their work. The caveat is that submissions must
       tie back to Toastmasters in some tenuous fashion. Please contact me for more detail
          Final observation as this year winds to a close—it’s been a good year.
       We continue to support each other, stretching and growing, and
       keeping the mission and vision alive. Kudoes to all of us! Well done!

       Volume 4 Issue 8 February 2018  Monthly Columnists   2017-18 Officers       Administrative Manager
      Publisher                   Donna Stark, DTM          District Director      Crystal Pugh, ACB, ALB
      Phyllis Harmon, DTM         John Rodke, DTM           Donna Stark, DTM
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      Associate Publisher         Leanna Lindquist, DTM     Program Quality Director  James Wantz, DTM
      Brenda Parsons, ACS, ALS    Terry Beard               John Rodke, DTM
                                  Brinn Hemmingson, ACG, CL                       Voices! is published monthly by District 7
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