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Pathways: Gold Nuggets

        & Possibilities

        by James Wantz, DTM and Rozaline Janci, DTM

      Pathways rolled out in District 7 in September 2017. James Wantz and Rozaline
      Janci were among the early adopters of the new educational program. Both are
      well on their way to earning their next DTMs. They were asked to share their thoughts and experiences.
      James Wantz, DTM: Join the Revolution                  Levels, and now as Public Relations Manager for
                                                             District 7 finding the best way to inspire members
          Pathways is Toastmasters new educational           to start down a Path to see what wonders they
      program. It has been active since September            find.
      19th here in District 7…and I like it!                     The very first golden nugget that I found in
          I am constantly finding gems inside Pathways       Pathways was the Icebreaker Speech Outline
      or gold nuggets in Base Camp that I am thrilled        Worksheet. OMG! This is fantastic! It is a speech
      about. I know that Pathways has not received the       construction outline par excellence! If you don’t
      best reception from members. But remember,             know what I mean then open your Icebreaker
      not everyone liked the American Revolution in          project in Level 1 of whichever Path you’ve
      1776—King George was particularly upset with           chosen (and if you haven’t chosen a Path, do so!),
      the new colonial interface —that darn Continental      go the page/screen that says “Your Evaluation”
      Congress.                                              and download the Ice Breaker Speech Outline
          The reference to the American Revolution           Worksheet for yourself. Pages 2-4 are useful for
      isn’t only for humor, it is relevant for how           developing speeches of any subject - and the pdf
      revolutionary Pathways is compared to the              is editable (you can type right into it once you’ve
      Tradition program most members are used                downloaded it to your computer and save if for
      to. Pathways is primarily online whereas the                           future reference! I’m using this
      Traditional program was                                                worksheet for speech building all
      based on printed manuals.                                              the way down my Path.
      For many, it is a huge leap to                                             The second golden nugget
      go from the tangible manual                                            is the concept inside Project 2
      to the virtual interface. It is                                        of Level 1. Simply put: you do a
      a chasm many are hesitant                                              speech, get feedback, adjust the
      to cross.                                                              speech to incorporate the feed-
          One of the confusing                                               back, and give it again! Wow!
      aspects of the new educa-                                                  I’d never seen direction from
      tional program (and there are several) is that         Toastmasters International about doing speeches
      whereas seasoned members (who were in clubs            again. It was over a year after I’d joined that my
      prior to Pathways rollout) can do either the           mentor told me I could do a speech again. I’d
      Traditional or Pathways educational program,           never even thought of it. I thought I had to create
      new members (those after September 19th) only          a new speech every time I spoke in the club. With
      have one choice – Pathways. New members do             a full time job, that was asking a lot. I cancelled
      not receive any credit for manuals or projects         several speeches because I was not ready. Now
      done in the Traditional educational program            Toastmasters officially recognizes the benefits of
      even if someone gives them a manual to                 redoing a speech. They added it as the second
      complete.                                              project everyone does in Pathways—I am thrilled!
          I’ve been immersed in Pathways for several         (Yes, I love exclamation points!)
      months now, first as a Pathways Guide giving               The third golden nugget is the video inside
      presentations about what we would all be seeing        the Effective Body Language project in Level 2
      after Pathways rolled-out, then as a member            of Presentation Mastery (and every other Path
      working through Pathways to complete my                that uses Effective Body Language). It is a great

           Beginning the Pathways journey

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