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EDITORIAL                                               Publisher

                                                                                  Phyllis Harmon, DTM
                           The “G” Word                                           Associate Publisher

                          by Phyllis A. Harmon, DTM                               Brenda Parsons, ACS, ALS
                                                                                  Senior Editor
                                                                                  Phyllis Harmon, DTM
      Happy New Year! Got goals?
                                                                                  Associate Editor
                                                                                  Leanna Lindquist, DTM
      Well, okay . . . but. . . what about informal goals—like eating, getting    Phyllis Harmon, DTM
      to work on time, or grocery shopping? Ermmm, you don’t set those
      goals either? Really?                                                       2017-18 Officers

      Excuse me if I sound a little incredulous. Because, you see, we all         District Director
      set goals. It’s how we get through our days without them devolving          Donna Stark, DTM
      into chaos. Let me give you an example: as my feet hit the floor each
      morning, I review what I need to accomplsh during the day—grocery           Program Quality Director
      store (gotta pick up mayo), work (call whosis about that missing invoice),   John Rodke, DTM
      car (better get gas), dinner (stop for tacos on the way home). . .         Club Growth Director
                                                                                 Emilie Taylor, DTM
      Each of the items on my list is a goal—not formal or long-term goals       Finance Manager
      I admit—in fact barely a goal at all. Every time you make a to-do list,    Karen Sempervivo, DTM
      decide to stash money away for a rainy day, or simply vow to avoid
      chocolate bars for the foreseeable future, you’ve created a goal.          Administrative Manager
                                                                                 Crystal Pugh, ACB, ALB
      I anticipate that creating long-term goals (thinking about them, writing
      them down—boring!!), may be a challenge for some (me included). But,       Public Relations Manager
      think about it. . . a long-term goal is nothing more than an extended      James Wantz, DTM
      to-do list broken down into chewable pieces (you know, the eat-the-        ++++
      elephant-one-bite-at-a-time scenario).

      Okay, you’re willing to admit you set “some” goals based on my
      argument. (Thank you!) So take it a step further—share your list with     Voices! is published monthly by
      your inner circle. It’s been said that speaking about your to-do list     District 7 Toastmasters. First issue
      (notice how I avoided the “G” word) suddenly  makes the items on it       published August 2014. Submit
      more important! Don’t forget that each time you eat a piece of the        articles or contact contributors at
      elephant, you are required to give yourself an “attaboy.” You deserve it!
      Before you know it, you will have accomplished everything on your
      list without any muss or fuss. Easy Peasey.

      So the next time some overly-effusive somebody asks you “got goals?,”
      feel free to give them “the look” and retort  “Of course! Don’t you?”

      Happy New Year!

         2                                                                   VOLUME 4 ISSUE 7 JANUARY, 2018
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