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video demonstration of effective and ineffective  Toastmasters across the globe who embrace
       body language in a speech.                             Pathways and want to learn more.
          What I absolutely loved was how the video               There are several reasons why I love
       was done. Ever wonder what Viola Davis or Meryl  Pathways. It’a a learning experience tailored
       Streep would look like if they tried to act poorly?  to my personal and professional goals, uses new
       Both Davis and Streep are accomplished, award  technological resources to improve speeches and
       winning actors. What if they did a video for  support meeting roles, provdes online access to
       Toastmasters about ineffective body language?  a lot of educational material along with videos
       Well. . . they didn’t, but the speaker in the video  that model the skills to learn.
       is clearly comfortable and effective with her use          Base Camp makes the educational process
       of body language. But she has to act as if she isn’t  more efficient guiding you step by step through
       before she can show you how good a speaker she                                             your journey
       is. It is wonderful to watch her.                                                          and provides a
          Now maybe you don’t agree with the golden                                               lot of learning
       nuggets I’ve found, but that is the beauty of                                              opportunities
       Pathways—there is something in there for                                                   along the way.
       everyone! We are at the beginning, in unfamiliar                                           The projects
       territory (the undiscovered country if you are a                                           are very well
       Shakespeare or Star Trek fan), and we get to find                                          structured,
       the golden nuggets of our own in the process of  current and relevant to member’s needs.
       walking our unique Path.                                   Pathways combines the best of both worlds
          Just as much as the United States was never  – Traditional and the new educational program.
       the same after the Revolution, Toastmasters will  Having worked the traditional educational
       not be the same after the final rollout of Pathways  program and the new program, I am amazed
       in about 2 years. Be on the side of the colonies  at how much thinking was put in place to roll
       (Pathways) and put your red coat behind you  out Pathways.
       (Traditional). Start your Path and find your own           I loved the Dynamic Leadership path. All the
       nuggets in this time of change. Vive la Pathways!  projects focused on understanding the leader-
       Get onboard and embrace Pathways. It is a great  ship and communication styles, the effect of
       learning opportunity for everyone at all levels.  conflict on a group, and the skills needed to
       It has taken all the benefits of the traditional  defuse and direct conflict. I loved all the elec-
       program and created a more robust educational  tive projects as well as all the focused projects
       program with an online component to bring  that were included in the five levels of my path.
       Toastmasters learning into the 21st Century.               I encourage all clubs in District 7 to jump
       No matter where you are in your Toastmasters  on board and embrace Pathways. It is a great
       journey—brand new or 20+ years experience,  learning opportunity for everyone at all levels.
       this program can only benefit you.                     It took all the benefits of the traditional program
          Let us together move forward  and start  and created a more robust, educational program
       learning through Pathways.                             with an online component to bring Toastmasters
       Rozaline Janci, DTM: Endless Possibilities             learning into the 21st century. No matter where
       with Pathways                                          you are in your Toastmasters journey—either
                                                              brand new or 20+ years experience, this program
          I am so totally impressed with Pathways and         can benefit you.
       its digital transformation. Though it has not              Let us together move forward and start
       rolled out into my district yet, I wanted to get a     learning through Pathways.
       feel for what Pathways was all about. I read so            James Wantz joined Toastmasters in 2008. He is a
       much about it and listened to all the videos on        member of 3 clubs. This year he serves as the District
       the Toastmasters Internatonal website and could        videographer, Pathways Guide and  Academy webinar
       not wait to jump right in. So I joined a club in       facilitator, and Public Relations Manager.
       District 7 to begin my journey. I was welcomed             Rozaline joined Toastmasters in 2015 and is a
       into District 7 and have thoroughly enjoyed            member of 6 clubs. This year she is serving as Club
       meeting new people and listening to various            Growth Director in District 35. She has been a member
       stories. I am amazed at the enthusiasm of fellow       of Yaquina Toastmasters since October 2017.

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