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                                  New Beginnings

                                  by John Rodke, DTM—Program Quality Director

          Cheers to a new year filled with new                   We can feel successful, enthusiastic and proud
       beginnings!                                           of the systematic growth we have accomplished,
          Kemy Joseph, a nationally known speaker  the dynamic leaders we have fostered/become,
       who has directly benefited from Toastmasters,  and the stories we have helped create and share.
       provides four questions to ask to create new              I highly encourage you to attend Division
       beginnings whenever you need them.                    Level Club Officer trainings. They are a key element
          1.  How can I grow?                                for creating thriving clubs.
                                                                 Sign up today at: for our
          2.  What can I celebrate?
                                                             District 7 Spring Conference: Share Your Story.
          3.  What can I contribute?                             On May 4th and 5th, we have two dynamic
          4.  How do I want to feel?                         speakers to help you improve your storytelling.
                                                             Jim Kohli, Region 2 International Director,
          In our District, we can grow by developing         and Kelly Swanson, an impactful and hilarious
       and serving our members, enjoy the process            Motivational Speaker and Strategic Storyteller.
       of embracing Pathways and its benefits, and by        Early Bird Registration expires on January 31st!
       having fun this year.                                     We are rolling out incentives for this next six
          We can celebrate our amazing guides, Club/         months. On top of the Pathways Triple A, Triple
       Area/Division leaders, speakers, and members          Crown, and Be Extraordinary pins, we have some
       who are growing by leaps and bounds and               fun ones coming your directon.
       thriving through this time of dynamic change.             I am awed by the amazing accomplishments
          We can contribute by mentoring our “fresh”         we have achieved this year! I am excited about
       and “seasoned” members, Complete a DTM in             the next six months and beyond with you, our
       the traditional program. Learn and serve as a         team of outstanding individuals.
       District officer. Becoming a Pathways “Subject
       Matter Expert.”  Embrace the program and
       provide feedback to Toastmasters International
       on ways to improve the experience through
       your Program Quality Director. Or respond to
       the invitation to evaluate your Pathways exper-
       ence. Visit your Education Transcript on Base
       Camp, and select the Evaluate button next to
       your completed project.

         Whatever you do or dream you can do—begin it. Boldness

         has genius and power and magic in it.

                                                                     — Johann Wofgang von Goethe

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