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questions about our hobbies, favorite rodeo  improved so much with him, and that I had a
      contestants, current events (and really anything  ton of people backing me on this journey.
      else they thought they could stump us with).               I would not trade this experience for the
          The third day of pageant was the longest  world. I told myself that I was going to compete
      day. We started with horsemanship. We began  once and compete right, and that is exactly what
      by riding each other’s horses, not our own. This  I did. I am so proud for how far I have come and
      tested how well we could ride an unfamiliar  realize how far I can go. I am also so grateful for
      horse. Any time Miss Rodeo Oregon goes out of  the people I have supporting me. Rodeo people
      state for a rodeo, she rides a horse provided for  say it takes a village to raise a rodeo queen, and
      her at the rodeo. Following that test, we mounted   I have the best village out there. I cannot wait to
      our own horses and rode a few different patterns.  make them proud throughout my reign and at
      We also demonstrated our ability to push cattle  the Miss Rodeo America Pageant in December
      out of the arena. Horsemanship is the most  2018.
      coveted award at the pageant, and also earns the           This experience has taught me to always trust
      most points. It is vital to know how to ride well.  your instincts, trust your God, and to never let go
          After we dismounted, it was time for  of a passion. My journey was not a perfect one.
      horsemanship interviews. They focused on our  There were really hard days, with times I felt like
      knowledge of equine anatomy, diseases, rodeo  I couldn’t do it and that I should just give up.
      events, and scenarios that might be encountered  But with the right people to help stand me up
      at a rodeo. Following lunch, we changed outfits  and dust me off when I fell, a lot of faith and an
      and prepared for a mock TV interview. We were  unwavering desire to succeed, I broke through
      asked two questions in front of an audience at  my own glass ceiling. Overall I have learned to
      the fairgrounds. After that, we prepared for the  always have courage and always be kind.
      rodeo grand entry and also helped with a fund              Jessi’s coronation ceremony and dinner will be
      raiser that the rodeo was hosting that night.          held Saturday, January 20, 2018, 5-10pm, at the
          Saturday was the fourth and final day of the  Clackamas County Fairgrounds & Event Center, 694
      pageant. It was also the day my life was forever  NE 4th Ave, Canby, Oregon 97013. Tickets available
      changed. The last section of the competition was  through Jessi at
      the fashion show. We modeled a western trend
      outfit and did a little dancing, and then gave a
      prepared speech and answered three impromptu
      questions while modeling a western dress.
          I was thankful for Toastmasters as I completed
      my impromptu questions—because I was able to
      think on my feet! After the fashion show, judging
      was complete and we were allowed to enjoy
      the fair while we waited for the rodeo to start.
      Crowning took place during the rodeo in front
      of my hometown crowd. I won the categories
      of: photogenic, personality, appearance, speech,
      and horsemanship. Then the moment that I had
      visualized for so long came. My name was called
      and the Miss Rodeo Oregon crown was placed
      on my head!

      What was the most memorable
      experience during your journey?
          The most memorable part of the journey to
      Miss Rodeo Oregon was in the last few weeks
      before the pageant began. I realized a few things:
      that I had taken a green broke horse and made
      him into a ready-to-win rodeo horse in one year,
      that my horsemanship skills and confidence had

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