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the screen printing business my parents owned.  had the title in the back of my mind since my
       Soon after she joined Oregon City Toastmasters.  princess year on the Canby Court in 2014.
       Once I graduated and moved back to Oregon                 My graduation gift to myself was a then two
       City, I joined the same Toastmasters club to help  -year-old quarter horse named Dually. My first
       prepare myself for the interview and speech  horse, Jazz, passed away in the summer of 2015
       portions of the Miss Rodeo Oregon Pageant.            in her pasture at our home in Redland. She lived
          The most important skill I learned from the  a healthy and happy life to the ripe old age of 26,
                                                                 and wasn’t retired from riding until she was
                                                                 24. Jazz even helped me win my princess title
                                                                 when she was 23, but was retired from rodeo
                                                                 because the traveling was too hard on her.
                                                                     Dually had a good and easy start to his
                                                                 riding career, but more importantly had the
                                                                 calm work ethic that a rodeo horse needs to
                                                                 have. I took riding lessons with him from his
                                                                 previous owner, who is an internationally
                                                                 renowned colt starter, and then with a highly
                                                                 recommended trainer in Molalla.
                                                                     I would ride with her once a week, and
                                                                 she would give me “homework” exercises to
                                                                 work with Dually on during the rest of the
                                                                 week. I also took Dually to different riding
                                                                 events and to the St. Paul Rodeo to get him
                                                                 used to all the sights and sounds that he might
                                                                 encounter. Thankfully with Dually’s laid back
                                                                 attitude, he handled the events and rodeos
                                                                 better than most older horses did.
                                                                     Along with improving my riding skills,
                                                                 I also had to study rodeo history, rodeo
                                                                 terminology, equine science, and current
                                                                 events. My typical day in the months before
                                                                 pageant consisted of: designing my pageant
                                                                 wardrobe, riding Dually, going to my job as
                                                                 a server, and then studying at night. Along
                                                                 with horsemanship and knowledge, there
       club was to slow down and mentally prepare my  were appearance and photogenic categories to
       answers before speaking. I am also much more  be won at the pageant, so I designed and bought
       aware of when I or other people use “uhms” or  my wardrobe completely on my own.
       “ahs” to fill the air, and use them less often than I     The pageant itself was a four-day competition
       used to. The Oregon City club meets at 6:30am.  held during the Clackamas County Fair and
       I realized that if I could speak cohesively that  Canby Rodeo in August. Two other contestants
       early in the morning, then I could certainly do  and I said goodbye to our parents and gave up
       so during the day after I actually woke up. I am  our phones at orientation for the first day of
       still a member of the club, but with my work  pageant. From then until the end of judging, we
       schedule and planning my coronation, sleep  could not talk to our families or the rest of the
       usually trumps the meetings. I plan to return to  world. We had chaperones that shuttled us to
       meetings regularly after my coronation, which  and from each event, three out-of-state judges,
       will be held in Canby on January 20th.                and we stayed in a hotel. The first day consisted
       What process did you go through to  of orientation, move in, a written knowledge
       become Miss Rodeo Oregon?                             test, and then autographs and grand entry at

          My journey to become Miss Rodeo Oregon  the rodeo.
       officially began after I graduated from Oregon            Our second day of pageant was Personality
       State University in June of 2016, however I always  Interview Day, where the judges could ask us

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