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                                     My Christmas List

                                     by Donna Stark, DTM—District Director

                         Dear Santa,

                             I know I haven’t written for a while. I hope you and Mrs. Claus are well.
                         Since I wrote my last letter I’ve grown up and joined Toastmasters! There
                         are a few things on my Christmas list this year:

                        •  Two more advanced manuals. I’m wrapping up an Advanced Communicator-
                          Silver and need to choose two more manuals to complete an AC-Gold in the
                          legacy program before June 2020. I’m thinking the Public Relations or Speeches
                          by Management manuals would be appropriate, but I trust your judgment.

                        •  A new Pathways Path. I’ve started working through the Effective Coaching path and
                          am liking what the new Pathways program has to offer. I appreciate that Pathways
                          integrates speaking and evaluation assignments, and the resource videos are a nice
                          touch. Please feel free to share these with all my Toastmaster friends. I know they
                          would enjoy this gift…what’s not to like?
                        •  I found some cool gift items on the Toastmasters International website. Gift certificates
                          are always welcome! ;-)
                       You might want to consider Toastmasters, too. I realize you’re known for your Ho Ho
                   Ho, but there may be times you’re using it as a crutch or filler word. Toastmasters can help
                   with that!  If there isn’t a club that’s convenient for the North Pole, we can help you start
                   a new club for you and the elves. Toastmasters is the gift that keeps on giving. Consider
                   this suggestion my gift to you.
                       I hope you agree that I’ve been very good this year. I know I used to leave you milk and
                   cookies. Let’s be honest… neither one of us needs cookies anymore. Safe travels, and please
                   say hello to the reindeer.

                   With warm regards,

                   p.s. I still like to find an orange in the toe of my stocking… just sayin’.

         10                                                                VOLUME 4 ISSUE 6 DECEMBER, 2017
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