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Toastmasters gave her direction, purpose,  Growth Director. She climbed the ladder
      and a reason to go on every day. That  of leadership while encouraging everyone
      resonated with me—I had also joined  around her to come along. She inspires me
      Toastmasters at a time when I was seeking  to step forward and continue to take on
      a reason to live each and every day. Hearing  leadership roles in the District. She inspires
      her talk about this darkness in her past let  me to push past my own blocks by refuting
      me know that I was not the only one that  my own negative personal feedback. She

      was saved by Toastmasters. She helped me               inspires me with every speech I hear her
      feel not so alone.                                     give. Frankly, she inspires me. She is my
          Emilie quickly became a driving force in           Toastmasters rock star.
      the District. She became an Area Governor,                 Do you have someone that inspires you?
      a Division Director, and now she is the Club           I hope so. It makes all the difference.

      2017 Directors Training, Aldersgate Retreat, Turner, Oregon  L to R: Lyle Schellenberg & Emilie Taylor at 2017 Spring Conference

       L to R: John Rodke, Emilie Taylor, Leanna Lindquist, and Donna Stark congratulating Emilie on becoming the 2016-2017 Toastmaster of the Year

         8                                                                  VOLUME 4 ISSUE 4 OCTOBER, 2017
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