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very cool.” In art school,
      I rode a motorcycle daily.
      I epitomized a strong

      female artist with my
      leather jacket over my
      shoulder and helmet
      by my side. Joining a

      club that wasn’t about
      motorcycling didn’t fit my
      psyche at the time. About
      ten years later, another

      person again suggested I
      join Toastmasters. I had
      completely forgotten about it. I looked it up  my oil paintings, where I was expected to speak
      again, this time thinking, “Maybe that could be  about my work. Without Toastmasters, this would

      something helpful.” I didn’t find the courage to  have been a nightmare. I wouldn’t have been
      investigate. A couple years later, public speaking  able to present myself in the manner I wanted
      showed up on my radar again. I talked with  to. After practicing my speech multiple times in
      a friend who degraded me for not having an  my club, I was able to present myself three times

      elevator speech about my work. I realized he  throughout the opening weekend in a relaxed
      was right and decided to do something about  and confident manner. I shared my story of how
      it. I looked up Toastmasters again, for the third  I came to make these unique paintings and how
      time in fifteen years.                                 I produce such impressive work. This exhibition

          About six months into my Toastmasters  will be visiting at least eight museums around
      membership, I started to realize what a mistake  the country, with a West Coast appearance at the
      it was to ignore the previous suggestions to join.  Haggen Museum in California.
      Toastmasters has connected me with people                  Joining Toastmasters has brought me one step

      who are tackling what, for many people, is more  closer to realizing my goal of making pictures
      terrifying than death, public speaking. These are  for a living. I still have more work to do and
      the people I have wanted to learn from, they  more skills to learn, but my passion and desire
      have become role models, friends, and teachers.  to succeed fuels my quest for the combination

      Each week I have the privilege of going to a place  of this code.
      where I can practice, fail, and also succeed, with         My paintings will be on display locally in
      supportive and positive people. I have learned  the Clackamas County Development Services
      tips and skills, from people in careers I know  Building Lobby from April 12th to July 12th. You

      nothing about, that help me manage my time  can also find me at, and learn
      and keep myself on track.                              more about my process on my YouTube Channel,
          In March of 2018, I attended the world premier
      of a traveling museum show featuring four of

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