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       me and helped me reach the finished painting            international shows as well as winning two top
       I had in mind.                                          awards.
          Having the traditional training has enriched             However, I would not recommend this

       my art by giving me a strong foundational               career path to anyone, as it has been extremely
       understanding of form, depth, color and                 challenging, both emotionally and financially.
       composition. I have always had amazed that              I have had many days in which I wished to go
       one can make a 2D plane look 3D. After                  back in time and continue college in a computer

       college, I pursued this skill, continuing to work       animation program rather than studio painting,
       from photographs and developing a more                  so that I could have a job with regular pay
       photorealistic style. As I left the loose, painterly    checks. I have also considered going back to
       brush strokes to my studies, my finished paintings      school for a degree in a completely unrelated

       adopted a cleaner, more modern look. I have             field. I have met many artists throughout my
       used these skills to create numerous painting           career, and have realized that less than one
                                                               percent of them are actually making a full time
                                                               living at it. Even artists that seem like they are
             A large part in finding                           famous and in high level galleries have confided

                                                               that they have other financial support. Most
         success as a painter lies                             of the artists I have met have another source

                                                               of income in addition to painting sales, a fact
         in your own ability to sell                           that always looms over my head, ready to

                                                               discourage me. A large part in finding success
         your work, to be able to                              as a painter lies in your own ability to sell your

                                                               work, to be able to ask a price that gives you a
         ask a price that gives you                            living wage, and to find the correct audience

                                                               to sell at this price range. This is something
         a living wage, and to find                            that isn’t taught in art school, and can only be

                                                               developed through practice, or with guidance
         the correct audience to sell                          from someone who understands it.  I am always

                                                               looking for a guide in this area, and no one
         at this price range.                                  seems to hold one magic answer. I have read

                                                               books, articles, and watched videos, but nothing

                                                               I have done at home, alone in my studio, has
       collections—from light-hearted still lifes of           helped my overall success or sales. I finally, after
       tulips, candy, and presents with ribbons, to            years, decided that what I needed couldn’t be
       motorcycles, to my latest series of string lights.      found sitting at my desk reading a computer

       This latest series pushes my skill and embodies         screen.
       a theme of, “looking toward the light,” that I am           I will admit that, in college, I had a counselor
       eager to share with the world. My light paintings       that suggested I join Toastmasters, but after
       have been accepted into numerous national and           looking it up, I thought, “Nope, that doesn’t look

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