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                            Brush Strokes

                            Guenevere Schwien

                                                         Vibrant oil colors and my endless curiosity have

                               Guenevere Schwien         kept me painting almost daily for over a dozen
                               is an award-winning       years. I find a unique pleasure in visual stimuli and
                               photorealism artist. In   feel compelled to capture it. All I have ever wanted

                               this article, she shares   to do is make paintings for a living, and I intend
                               her journey as an artist   to crack the code of just how to accomplish that.
                               and as a Toastmaster.          In second grade, a water color artist visited my
                                                         class, giving us a demonstration and the opportunity
                                                         to try them. One thing the artist said, that I will
                                                         never forget, is, “I get to make pictures for a living.”

                                                         Ever since that day, this is what I have wanted to do,
                                                         make pictures for a living. I attended the Academy
                                                         of Art University in San Francisco, California, which
                                                         trained me in the tradition of painting from life in

                                                         a quick, loose, gestural style called, alla prima. The
                                                         school focused on the academic progression from
                                                         drawing to painting, and it wasn’t until my senior
                                                         year that we started to paint from photographs. I

                                                         fell in love with it. Being able to manipulate the
                                                         subject, edit the color, and adjust cropping, before
                                                         grabbing my brush, streamlined the process for

                              Still Life of Haribo Gummy Bears 3D Art

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