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       NASA Team for the solar eclipse.And, she does  Hybrid Club

       Toastmasters. A lot of Toastmasters.                       Yaquina has become a hybrid club thaks
          Lauralee received her Associate of Arts  to Lauralee and her expertise with the Zoom

       Oregon Transfer Degree to Oregon State  online platform. The club currently has 5 online
       University from Oregon Coast Community  members. One is a wildland firefighter who has
       College (OCCC). This program has allowed her to  tried to find a permanent club for years. He is
       earn guaranteed transferable credits to Oregon  never in one location more than three months

       State University (OSU). At the age of twenty,  at a time. After visiting the club, he joined as an
       Lauralee is a junior in college. She is enrolled  online member. The club has members from
       online with OSU for finance courses. She is also  Wisconsin, Nebraska, and London. Some joined
       enrolled at OCCC for her electives. Between  because of her YouTube videos. They wanted

       the two part-time enrollments, she is a
       ful-time student. Her goal is a Business
       Marketing Degree. Passing the Series
       66 exam (The Uniform Combined

       State Law Examination also called the
       Series 66 exam is designed to qualify
       candidates as both securities agents and
       investment adviser representatives) will

       allow her to register as an investment
       adviser representative. By enrolling
       in both programs and living at home,
       it makes college affordable. Clearly

       Lauralee is planning ahead for her
       financial security.
          This is Lauralee’s second year as VP Public  to start Pathways right away and not wait for it
       Relations. She keeps up the club’s Facebook Page  to roll out in their own Districts.

       which reaches 3000 through shares and likes.               The club uses a Google spreadsheet to sign
       She posts regularly on the District 7 Facebook  up for roles. A local member travels for work
       Group. She maintains the club website, YouTube  and is able to stay active in the club using
       channel, and Google+. Lauralee shared, “People  Zoom. Soon they will welcome a member from

       from across the country come to our blog just  The Galapagos. Being a hybrid club has been
       for what we have about Pathways.” You can view  a boost to the club’s membership numbers.
       the blog by clicking here. Her efforts have been  Their lighthearted meetings, that help people
       responsible for club members being on the radio  get over the fear of public speaking, attract

       and write-ups in the newspaper (which required  new members to the club. Professionals are
       her to learn to write press releases). Lauralee has  joining to improve their speaking skills, to
       helped Yaquina Toastmasters be well known in  become better trainers, and to speak to the
       Newport.                                               media. The club has a long history of coaching

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