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                            Lauralee Norris, IP2, ACS

                            Made the Difference

                            Leanna Lindquist, DTM

                            Immediate Past District Director

                                                         When I first met Lauralee Norris, I thought she was
                               Lauralee Norris, is       a high school student. That was about two years
                               making a difference in    ago when I was a guest at Yaquina Toastmasters
                               Yaquina Toastmasters.
                               Leanna Lindquist,         Club in Newport, Oregon. It was obvious Lauralee
                               Immediate Past            was an integral part of the club. She joined in
                               District Director,        2015 while taking an online public speaking
                               caught up with her for    class. She was required to film her speeches and
                               an interview.
                                                         present them to an audience of five or more. Her
                                                         dad, Brian, suggested she give her speeches at
                                                         his Toastmasters club. This was a match made in

                                                         heaven for Lauralee, and it turns out for her club
                                                         too. She completed the first four speeches in her
                                                         Competent Communicator Manual while taking
                                                         the class.

                                                         Her Background

                                                             Her father’s job took the family from Portland,
                                                         Oregon to Newport in 2014. Lauralee is the

                                                         youngest of four girls, and the only one still at
                                                         home. She enjoys singing in her church choir and
                                                         is taking private guitar lessons. She was part of the

                              L to R: Lauralee Norris & Diane Nelson. Lauralee holding her ACB award and Diane holding
                              Lauralee’s companion ALB award
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