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March Rankings

      Phyllis A. Harmon, DTM - Editor/Publisher

          I confess that every March, for the past 10 years, I’ve checked my club’s
      Distinguished Club ranking against the other clubs in the District. It’s always
      with great trepidation that I study the Toastmasters dashboard. Are we
      good enough? Do we measure up? Most years, the answer is a resounding
      yes! Other years? Well, not so much.
          I keep asking myself why I do I worry and stew about it? Logically, if I have
      a good time, learn something new, and walk away from each meeting satisfied
      with the world—what difference does achieving President’s Distinguished
      status really make?
          I readily admit bragging rights matter. It makes me proud to be part of a
      club that cares about reaching their goals. Intellectually I know that becoming
      a Distinguished Club or better helps the area, division, and District attain
      their goals—but that’s a side benefit.
          I’m focused on my club and what happens when we work as a team—
      each person contributing to the end result. It’s heady stuff! There is a
      connectedness among us when we pull in the same direction. Each does
      their part and encourages and prods the rest of us to do the same. We
      commit to achieving the agreed upon results. And at the end of the year,                       EDITORIAL
      when we review the work we’ve done together, we stand taller basking in
      the satisfaction of a job well done.
          That’s why each March I look at the dashboard and compare my club with
      all others. I want to be part of a community of like-minded souls striving in
      the same direction, helping each other during the lag times when no one
      seems to be moving forward, and at the end of the year looking back on
      what we’ve achieved together. Satisfaction, bragging rights, and a sense
      that all is well in my Toastmasters world keeps me coming back week after
      week, year after year.

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