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nference Highlights—Continued from page 5)

much like a us new incentive to listen carefully when

dramatic version he noted, “Anyone can increase their

of Table Topics. charisma by listening more.” Charisma, he

The N or t her n says, “makes other people feel they are the

Division acted out most important thing in the world.”

a skit written with Some of the day’s most important people
were the speech contestants. The
Gloria Shishido, DTM good humor and Evaluation Contest, emceed by Eric Winger,
International Director lots of puns by its saw contestants critique an inspiring
speech about how Jackie Robinson
Division Governor Alexis Mason. Others integrated professional baseball. Winners
added singing, dancing and comedy for a

hilarious evening of home-grown


Saturday brought a full  1st place, Brinn Hemmingson
day of presentations,  2nd place, Kris Hauser
meetings, elections and  3rd place, Joe Donahue
contests. Fortunately a full

eating schedule was also Afterward, Brinn said, “For me, it

planned, starting with a was a personal best and a

breakfast buffet, hot lunch, longtime goal to win the

afternoon ice cream, all- evaluation contest.”

day beverage service, and Mary Cheyne, 2009 1st Runner Up
ending with an informal
happy hour for those not An exceptional lineup of
yet ready to contestants made the
International Speech contest a sure bet for

inspiration. Contest Toastmaster James
“Listen up” became the day’s theme as Wantz, DTM, put

three keynote speakers reminded his unique stamp

conference-goers about the value of on the event by
listening and how to do so more intently. asking for “a

International Director Gloria Shishido, minute of
DTM, stressed the values of “respect, listening” while
integrity and excellence” in her speech judges marked
titled “Leading Volunteers.” Mary Cheyne, their ballots. (See,
in “Lessons to the Top,” showed us how to he’d been
be authentic on the stage and overcome listening!) Winners
limiting self-beliefs. Her mantra: “Be self- and speech titles were:

reflective, do the work.” Tom Marcoux gave (Continued on page 7)

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