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EDITORIAL                                              Publisher

                          Dead Leaves & Goals                                     Phyllis Harmon, DTM

                          by Phyllis A. Harmon, DTM                               Associate Publisher
                          Editor/Publisher                                        Brenda Parsons, ACS, ALS

                                                                                  Senior Editor
          Where did the spring and summer go? Seems like it                       Phyllis Harmon, DTM
       was just yesterday when the byways were covered with
       trees sporting the green haze of newly minted leaves                       Associate Editor
       and a sense of renewal and a bright, productive summer                     Leanna Lindquist, DTM
       filled the air.                                                            Layout/Design
          It’s been said that time flies when you aren’t paying                   Phyllis Harmon, DTM
       attention. That must be true because those same leaves
       are now showing the fullness of time adorned in the                        2017-18 Officers
       reds and golds of autumn. The promise of winter is just
       around the corner, bringing colder temperatures and                        District Director
       rainey, wind-tossed days. Soon those same leaves will                      Donna Stark, DTM
       be a wet, slick mess covering the ground turning travel                    Program Quality Director
       into a hazardous undertaking.                                             John Rodke, DTM
          I confess that now’s the time of year when sleeping                    Club Growth Director
       in and spending days before the fire with a good novel                    Emilie Taylor, DTM
       seems awfully enticing. One day perhaps I’ll do just
       that—but not quite yet. I have to brush off the goals                     Finance Manager
                                                                                 Karen Sempervivo, DTM
       I set at the beginning of the Toastmasters year and
       get crackin’ on getting them accomplished. Goals like                     Administrative Manager
       completing manuals started under the old educational                      Crystal Pugh, ACB, ALB
       system and at least getting a good foothold in Pathways.                  Public Relations Manager
       Then there’s attending District events like the upcoming                  James Wantz, DTM
       November conference, Toastmasters Leadership Institute                    ++++
       in December, and participating in followup Leaders
       training in January and February. I know there are further               Cover photo provided by Harvey
       goals on my “to do” list, but I have to remember where                   Schowe, DTM, Taken on August 21,
                                                                                2017 around 11:33am MDT
       I put the pesky thing.                                                   at Rexburg, Idaho, Potter Park.
          What about you? Have you dusted off your list and                     The weather was clear and no
       taken an accounting of what’s still left to be done? Half                haze or clouds. ANikon telephoto
                                                                                lens 200mm to 500mm with a 1.7
       the Toastmasters year, like time, has faded away. There’s                teleconverter and a Nikon D7500.
       still time to get crackin’ and accomplish what you set                   Voices! is published monthly by
       out to do last July. To borrow from Nike—JUST DO IT!                     District 7 Toastmasters. First issue
          I’ve every intention of completing what I started.  Join              published August 2014. Submit
       me and let’s help each other ‘getter done’!                              articles or contact contributors at

         2                                                                  VOLUME 4 ISSUE 4 OCTOBER, 2017
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